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This is your NEW e-mail (My Amazon Customers Traffic Flyer). If you have a e-mail contact list or when you are talking to People about your Amazon Income Mega Super Webstore. You just simply send them your (My Amazon Customer Traffic e-mail). This flyer will explain to any Amazon Shopper the benefits of going to your (My Amazon Income Webstore) first to do their shopping on Amazon. Your My Amazon Income Webstore is an Amazon Categories Website, where you can earn a constant income from the Amazon Shoppers that enters the Amazon Store Platform from your Amazon Gateway. Once the Amazon Shoppers enter your Amazon Income Webstore, YOUR WORK IS DONE. Amazon will do the rest. And you will GET PAID on each and every item the Amazon Customers purchase. Even if they hold the items in their Shopping Cart and comes back weeks later and make the purchase. YOU GET PAID. This is the reason why the Amazon Shoppers prefer to go to your My Amazon Website first instead of going directly to Amazon to do their Amazon shopping. The My Amazon e-mail Flyer explains the benefits to the Amazon Shopper of why they should go to your My Amazon Categories Website first each time they want or need to make a purchase on Amazon. This marketing technique can get you hundreds and thousands of repeat Amazon Customers going through your Amazon Gateway month after month, earning you a constant income all year round on each and every item they purchase. You can play with the Demo e-mail below to see how it works. Yours will be Custom Made for you and the Link to your My Amazon Mega Super Webstore will be inserted on the e-mail Flyer. Just one click, and the Amazon Shopper will enter into your My Amazon Webstore Gateway To Amazon; which they are instructed to save in their favorites for easy access for future Amazon Shopping.

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