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My Amazon e-mail Referral Flyer


Your e-mail Referral Flyer is going to be your bread and butter. When anyone asks you about how they can check out getting an Amazon Income Mega Super Webstore, you can just say (I will e-mail you the information). You DO NOT have to sell any thing. Once they get your (My Amazon e-mail) and if it is for them, they will have a link on your e-mail to order themselves an Income Mega Super Webstore Powered By Amazon. When anyone purchases an Income Webstore, you will immediately get $100 Deposited into your PayPal Account the same day the purchase was made. Your Custom Made e-mail flyer comes to you with your Business information on the e-mail. Your unique code is also inserted on your e-mail flyer for the Person can insert your code in the (Who Referred You Slot), which MUST be done in order for their purchase to be activated.

Enter The Name Or Code You Want The Buyer To Insert In The "Who Referred You Slot" (ex: Your Store Name, or A 4 Number Code, Example: 3990

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