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500 - My Amazon Business Cards


Using your My Amazon Business Cards, are one of the best ways to get tons of traffic to your Amazon Income Webstore. Now this can really be fun! You run into People all the time. In the Supermarket, at the Shopping Malls and even at Events and Parties. This is how you use your My Amazon Business Cards to get hundreds of Amazon Shoppers to go through your Amazon Income Webstores to make their purchased at Amazon. When meet or run into a People, just say. --Do you shop at Amazon-- 9 out of 10 times that Person will say --YES--, and then just say. ** I do also, and I want to let you know that I use the New My Amazon Personal Gateway. You can open up all the Categories you want at the same time and shop from many different Categories and all your purchases are placed in just one Shopping Cart. I want you to try this, you will just love it ** Then just hand them one of your My Amazon Business Cards and say, ** This is how I found out about My Amazon Personal Gateway ** Tell them once they get to it, to save it in their Favorites for they will have easy access to it. Your My Amazon Business Cards is customer made for you. Your cards will include the photo of your Amazon Income Webstore, your Income Webstore URL Address to get to your Income Webstore, on the front side. On the back side, many of the categories your Buyer can shop from with your URL Address where they can bring up on their computer their ** My Amazon Personal Gateway to Amazon ** ........ And Best Of All, your Amazon Income Webstore is Mobile, Tablet and iPad ready. So your Customers can shop from any device. At home, at work or on the go! The more **My Amazon Business Cards ** you hand out, the more Amazon Buyers you will get to shop at Amazon through your Amazon Income Webstore Gateway; and the more money you will earn. So get creative!!

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