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5000 - 8.5" x 11" PayPal Referrals Brochures


(Stock up and save per piece compared to our lowest quantity. Use to post in local hotspots, mail to loyal customers or hand out at events.) Referral Brochures are a good way to "Brand Your Income Webstore" and get Referrals at the same time. This Brochure will include a photo of your Income Webstore, your Webstore Online Address and your "Who Referred You: Name". You can also get a Brochure Stand for your Brochures if you wish. These brochures works best when you place about 5 to 10 on store counters or hand them out to People in Supermarkets or Shopping Malls. Almost everybody shops at The Worlds #1 Online Retailer these days.

At the same time, People that are interested in earning an extra income for themselves with an Income Webstore Powered By The Worlds #1 Online Retailer, they will also have the opportunity to do so, and your Name is professionally printed in the brochures for they can insert your name in the (Who Referred You Slot) when they fill out the short form when placing an order for their Income Webstore; which you will receive immediately $100 deposited into your PayPal Account the same day they place their order. You may order as many Sets Of 5000 as you wish, just change the QTY number of sets on your order form and then press (Enter) to re-calculate your order form.

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