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Your My Amazon Fliers and My Amazon Business Cards are designed to be a low cost way for you to start building your Customer Base that you will bring repeat business from your Customers continuously Month after Month, Year after Year. The reason why Amazon Shoppers will choose to come to your Income Webstore Gateway to Amazon instead of others is because of this very important function to all shoppers: By using your new My Amazon Gateway to enter into the Amazon Store Platform, will allow you to open up as many different Categories all at the same time in their own separate new Tap Windows. Then you can shop and select items that you wish to purchase in each different Categories at the same time, and all your purchases will be placed in the same Shopping Cart automatically. You never again have to be just dropped in the middle of the Amazon Store. Now you can select all the Categories that you want to Shop in and have each Amazon Category open up in a New Window. Giving you the effect of shopping on different floors, and all your Amazon purchases are placed in the same Shopping Cart. .......... Your Income Webstore Address (URL) is Custom Printed on each of your My Amazon Fliers, for the Amazon Shopper can SAVE your Income Webstore URL Address to their Favorites; which your Fliers subject them to do for easy access to your Income Webstore Gateway to the Amazon Store Platform.


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