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Your Associates Business Cards are a great way to pick up Referrals. You Earn $100 For Every Person You Refer To Income Webstore.com that Becomes An Income Webstore Associate. We match the Name entered into the "Who Referred You" slot on the new Associate Income Webstore Owner's order form with our Webstores Associates Log, and immediately send $100.00 to your PayPal Account Daily, using your PayPal e-mail address you have on file with PayPal; when any Income Webstores Purchases Comes In With Your Name In the "Who Referred You" Slot. The more People you hand out your Income Webstores Business Cards to, the more Referral Income you will earn. You also may have your Phone Number placed on your Business Cards if you wish. Then you can say: Shall you have any questions about getting yourself an Amazon Income Webstore, Just give me a call. That is it, your job is DONE! Amazon and PayPal will do the rest.


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