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Amazon Income Webstores Sales Aids are designed to give our Amazon Associates a low cost way to Market and Advertise their Amazon Income Webstore Business. To get Tons of traffic for your $100 Referral Program for each Referral, and to get Tons of Amazon Customers to make their purchases by going through your Amazon Webstore Gateway. Using Door Hangers is a great low cost way to achieve both objectives. As you know, most People do some shopping at Amazon to begin with and many a lot. It is illegal to put advertising in Peoples Post Office Mail Boxes, put perfectly legal to put your advertisements on anyones Door Knob........ And The Best Part Is, everyone has to turn their front Door Knob sooner or later, and Pooh, there you are! We offer you two different styles of Door Hanger that is easily place on the front Door Knob. Once the Person sees it, they will take your Door Hanger off their Door Knob and take it inside their home and read it to see what it is all about. One style will immediately say **AMAZON BUSINESS**, the other style will immediately say **NEED TO EARN AN EXTRA INCOME WITHOUT WORKING ON A SECOND JOB?** Both are highly needed or used throughout America in all classes of People today regardless of race, religious belief or income level. Just pick you any good area, and just start hanging your Door Hangers on Door Knobs. This is a good area to get your young kids involved in learning business in marketing and advertising. Within an hour or so, you could have over 200 Door Hangers put out. Do this every Saturday or Sunday for a month, you will have over 1000 Door Hangers out. Then watch your business grow to the financial success that you seek.


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