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Make money easily when you use your Associates Sales Aids. Hi, My Name is Judy. I am your IWU Instructor, as most of you already know. The bottom line here is, Worldwide over 325 Million Buyers Shop at Amazon.com every month; and the truth is. These Buyers really don't care about which Gateway on the internet they use to get to Amazon.com to do their shopping, as long as they are making their purchases from Amazon.com. As a My Amazon Income Webstore Owner, you own a Gateway to the World's #1 Most Trusted, Most Used and Most Loved Online Retailer. Which produces over $253 Billion Dollars in Sales Revenue in 2018. Your Amazon & Click Bank Income Webstore Gateway pays you 4% to 75% commission on each and every item purchased by your Customers that enters Amazon.com through your My Amazon Income Webstore Gateway. My job here is, out of Over the 325 Million Buyers Worldwide that shops at Amazon.com every month, to teach you have to get Thousands of these Amazon Shoppings to go through your My Amazon Income Webstore Gateway to make their purchases from Amazon.com every day, every month and every year. And boy, I am good!

Let's Go To Work! 


We provide our My Amazon Income Webstores Affiliates a variety of promotional products that you can use to bring in thousands of Customers into your My Amazon Income Webstore Nationwide and Worldwide. Our Printed Media products are Custom Made, Professionally Designed, made from high-quality materials and Powered By Vistaprint. Whatever you order your Sales Aids, rest assured that you will get the best bang for your buck ..... And best of all, your orders are custom made with your Webstore design, your (URL) online address to your My Amazon Income Webstore and shipped to you by Vistaprint. This is called "Branding". Your Income Webstore is a Gateway to the World's #1 Online Retailer. Deploying your custom made Sales Aids will "Brand" your My Amazon Income Webstore Gateway Nationwide to Tens Of Thousands of Buyers that shop at the renown World's #1 Online Retailer year round.


Here, you will be able to get your custom made Income Webstore's Business Cards, Referral Cards, Brochures, Post Cards, Mailing Lists, Tote Bags, Mouse Pads, T-Shirts, Calendars, Pens and much more. All with your "Branding" to your My Amazon Webstore Gateway. So start Branding your My Amazon Income Webstore TODAY!

 The My Amazon Income Webstores Custom Made Promotional Materials 

As an My Amazon Income Webstore Owner, I will teach you how to shoot for earning  a minimum of $200 A Day, which is $6,000 Per Month in your spare time. This of course, is for these of you that is working in your business part-time or in your spare time. I'll show you exactly how you can get TONS of Traffic to your My Amazon Income Webstore. I'll get specific and show you how you can earn a specific amount of earnings that is entirely under your control. It's certainly not rocket science, and it's really quite simple. To do that, you will need "Promotional Sales Aids", which is Promotional Printed Materials that can be distributed out to the Public. These Sales Aids are your Bread & Butter Essentials that can drive massive amounts of traffic to your My Amazon Income Webstore. Once they're at your website, not only can they shop and save money on over 200 Million Amazon Products, but you get paid commissions each time someone makes a purchase from your My Amazon Income Webstore on every item the Shopper purchase. And then as I said above, if they should decide to purchase a My Amazon Income Webstore similar to yours, you'll have $200 deposited directly into your PayPal Account the very same day they made the purchase.

How To Use Your My Amazon Income Webstores Referral Cards

Being an My Amazon Income Webstore Owner allows you to extend this financial business opportunity to friends, relatives, and even co-workers who are looking for another source of income. Since we have all the promotional products that you need, you can refer people across the United States. By expanding your network, you are opening up an avenue to increase your income immediately and get paid daily. To start, just order a stack of Income Webstores "Referral Cards", starting at 50 to 20,000. or any other Referral Promotional Products you like. Then each day just past a few out to People that you know and People that you meet. Place a few on store's counter tops, communities boards in super markets and on counter tops in Gas Stations Stores. You will be amaze how your Referral Cards will make an exciting conversation piece to anyone that you know or meet. You will find that "Everyone" these days is looking for a way to earn an extra income without having to work on a second job. All the Promotional Sales Aids that you order, will be custom design with your My Amazon Income Webstore photo and your business information. Order your Custom Made Referral Cards TODAY! And Let's ROCK!!

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