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25 - Referral Bookmarkers

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One of the best ways we find to get Referrals is at Colleges and Libraries. The College Students for the more part really do not want to study and work on a job at the same time. They need an extra income but their time is often limited not to mention the study hours they have to undertake. Income Webstore would be the perfect solution for them. Just promoting their Income Webstore in their spare time is all the work they have to do. And best of all, they all have Laptops. The Income Webstore Business Opportunity is tailor made for College Studies. So how do we reach the hungry College Studies that needs to earn an extra income without having to work on a job? "With Bookmarkers". All you have to do to go to any College or Library and hand them out FREE in your spare time, even leave a stack of them in Student's Libraries and Public Libraries. You have no need to do any selling or talking, for your Referral Bookmarkers will tell the story, you just hand them out FREE. One great thing about the Referral Bookmarkers, they stay in front of the Prospect's face all the time and for a long period of time. Your "Referral Bookmarkers? comes with your Name professionally printed in the "Who Referred You Slot".

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